Residential Roofing Repair Needs Common Signs
Your residential roofing is the only thing keeping you protected from the outside elements.

Your residential roofing is the only thing keeping you protected from the outside elements. Not only is building a quality roof a significant investment, but it also requires regular maintenance to prevent long-term damages and the need for a total roof replacement. Recognizing preliminary signs of damage is the first step in maintaining your home's integrity.

Shingle Damage or Warping

If any shingles on your roof begin to demonstrate signs of cracking, chipping, warping, or continued dampness, it may be a sign that they have run their course. Frail shingles will not be able to withstand weather conditions, which can leave your roofing exposed to possible future damages.

Peeling Paint

When your interior paint starts to peel or bubble near the roofline, it's usually a sign that excess moisture is accumulating in the area. Your roof is no longer appropriately sealing your home from outside elements. The resulting buildup of humidity will not only affect paint but begin to cause rot and decay.

Staining on Interior Ceiling

Much like paint damage, your walls and ceiling may begin to show signs of discoloration if moisture is leaking into the home. This buildup of moisture and fluid will create unsightly brown or yellow spots, which may be caused by a failing underlayment. If damage proves this extensive, it's time for a total roof replacement.

Attic Leaks

If you begin to find water accumulating in your attic every time you face inclement weather, it’s likely that there are holes forming in your roofing. You can temporarily patch porous roofing, but you'll inevitably see more water leaks the next time you face a more torrential downpour. Leakage is also a sign that you require a roof replacement.

Sagging Roof

If the roofing begins to droop downward where it was once straight, it's likely a sign of long-term moisture buildup that is creating rot. This decay weakens the structure of the area. The degree of sagging and size of the affected area will determine if repair work can handle the issue, or if a total replacement is necessary.

Higher Energy Bills

Even if you fail to observe any visual signs of decay, a significant change in your energy bills could indicate something is compromising your roof. Increased costs show that your heat or air conditioning is leaking outside as a result of structural damage. 

Animal or Insect Appearance

When a critter or pest begins to appear in your attic, it may be a sign that there is a hole or opening in your roof that needs patching up. However, if you start to see consecutive appearances of raccoons, bats, or insects that are beginning a severe infestation such as termites, call an exterminator. They can assist in ridding your home of the pests, and likely be able to point out where the roofing issue is that is causing these appearances.

Prevention of Residential Roofing Damages

As with any property, the best way to prevent the need for significant expenses, such as a total replacement, is through regular maintenance. Be sure to keep an eye on the appearance and physical condition of your roofing. If you need professional consultation or immediate repairs for any of these symptoms listed above, contact Trinity Restoration & Roofing at (904)-441-8893. We specialize in residential and interior roofing, as well as damage mitigation and cleanup services. Make us the roofing experts for all of your residential roofing needs.

Residential Roofing Repair Needs Common Signs
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