Our Residential Roofing Capabilities
Forensic Roof Inspections
Before any work gets started, we will inspect your roof and make sure that everything is in working order and go from there. If a repair or replacement is needed after our initial inspection, then we will go through a step-by-step process that will ensure everything is finished in high-quality condition. 

We also recommend that you schedule our free inspections a couple times throughout the year to ensure that your roof doesn’t suffer any catastrophic damages. 

Residential Roof Types


A shingle roof is among the most common roofing systems for residential roofing applications. It also happens that a shingle roof is the most cost-efficient of all the options, and has lasted within the industry for decades. They are a durable choice for customers when properly installed by Trinity Restoration and Roofing. 

Shingle roofs are advantageous because it most often fits within the budget of the client, is extremely weather-resistant, and is beautiful. Also, we do more than replace shingles; with our Roof Protection System, the layers of shingles are sure to shelter you and your family. 


This type of roof is mostly found in buildings within the city, but it has its perks, making it a popular choice for several reasons. A flat roof is a more affordable option in that it reduces energy costs, helps fortify your roof’s durability, and is fire resistant. The beautiful horizontal lines of the material make it a great accessory for natural landscape within the surroundings. 

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Our team will stop at nothing to guarantee that you’ll have complete knowledge of our roofing capabilities during your consultation. We will discuss what is needed for you and your home, and talk about any finance options or insurance policies before the real work begins. 

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Our Residential Roofing Capabilities
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