Living During a Roof Replacement
Living through the process of getting your residential roofing replaced.

Living through the process of getting your residential roofing replaced can prove to be a stressful enterprise. Not only is it a significant monetary commitment, but it also comes with a hectic work-zone around your home filled with banging, grinding, and falling debris.

Replacing a roof usually takes no more than a week but can vary depending on the size of the structure and materials used. To prepare for the momentary changes in your home life, consider these preparatory tips to help make the process more straightforward and stress-free.

Prepare Your Home

You'll want to take precautionary steps to protect your property and belongings from inadvertent damage during the replacement process. Your property will see a large amount of traffic from the repair team, heavy materials, and loose debris as the old roofing sees removal. 

Remove your Vehicles

We recommend parking your vehicle away from the home, or even curbside across the street if possible. Not only will your car be safe from accidental damages, but it also allows your contractor to park work vehicles closer. Smoother access to tools and materials helps expedite the process so that we can get you back to normal living sooner. 

Protect Your Valuables

Anything such as hanging pictures, china, glassware, or anything breakable could potentially fall and break if located on or near the walls and ceiling. Heavy power tools will assist in roof replacement, and the resulting forces could affect things inside of your home. 

Communicate with Your Neighborhood

Not only is a roof replacement an involved process, but it can prove loud and disruptive to others in your neighborhood. Consider being a good neighbor and letting those nearby know that this process will take place. It can help people make arrangements for their families. It also may matter a great deal if your neighborhood features street parking primarily. 

Speak with Your Contractor

It's essential to stay in communication with your contractor, especially if you continue to stay in the home during the process. Not only can they provide you with updates on the process, but they can also communicate what will likely be occurring day-to-day and where. You can work together to establish where there's likely to be cords, tools, and debris. This will help you and your family, especially if you have kids, be mindful and safe from potential safety hazards. Additionally, understanding what tasks are completed and what remains can serve to establish a relationship of understanding and help mitigate any elements of surprise when it comes to the replacement process.

Consider Visiting Family

While staying in your home during a roof replacement is entirely doable, you may want to consider taking time off to visit family instead. Having significant alterations to your home can be a stressful process that is loud, busy, and comes with potential safety risks if not observed. You may find it easier to stay elsewhere and come home to your new roofing when it's ready. 

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Living During a Roof Replacement
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