Emergency Tarping Services Ultimate Guide
Emergency tarping services can save your home.
If you’re in the middle of a storm, you may not have time to think about the details of tarping. But if you’re trying to understand what’s been done to your home – or if you’re trying to determine whether or not tarping is the best fix for a leaky roof – we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Are Emergency Tarping Services Necessary?
If your roof is leaking, you’ve got a problem. In good weather, you have to worry about increased energy bills and the structural damage that a leak may cause. But the truth is, you’re not usually going to encounter a leaking roof in good weather.

Instead, you’re most likely to notice a roof leak in the middle of a storm. This can lead to major roof damage. Water causes problems throughout the home, and once mold has gotten in, you’ll have a hard time getting it out.

That’s why emergency tarping services are so important: they help you keep the water out before it causes problems.

What Is the Best Emergency Tarp Material?
If you’re in the middle of a roofing emergency, you’ll probably want to use poly tarps. These tarps are made of polyethylene or polypropylene. They’re waterproof and usually treated against UV rays, which means they can handle the rigors of the outdoors.

In some situations, you may prefer vinyl tarps. These are heavy-duty tarps that are designed to handle almost anything. 

Is Blue Tarp Waterproof?
You can’t determine a tarp’s strength and quality based on its color. There are some manufacturers who use an informal color scheme – with blue being the weakest and cheapest of the available tarps – but many don’t. That’s why it’s important to choose a professional emergency roofing service that understands the strength and qualities of the tarp being used. 

How Long Can You Leave a Tarp on a Roof?
Tarping the roof is meant to be a temporary solution: one that helps you avoid water damage to your home, but not one that reduces the need for actual repair or replacement. You want something more permanent in order to protect your home or business in the long-term.

Generally, you should try to get your roof repaired in 90 days or less. Your tarp may last longer depending on weather and your location. When your professional roofers are installing the tarp, you should ask them how long they expect the tarp to last.

How Do You Fix a Tarp?
If your tarp is faced with a particular difficult storm, it may rip. In this situation, you want to ensure that the hole is closed as soon as possible. To do this, you can often use duct tape on both side of the tarp to ensure that the hole is covered. The Florida sun may cause the duct tape to fall off after a couple months. However, by the point of time your roof should already be repaired.

Can You Tarp a Flat Roof?
We don’t recommend tarps for flat roofs, because the water will be able to get through the tarp. Instead, you want to get as much water off the roof as possible. How this is done will vary based off the situation, but brooms, Shop-Vacs, and shovels are all commonly used. Then the hole will need to be plugged as soon as possible.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?
Most homeowner’s insurance policies are designed to cover damage caused by natural events: rain, wind, etc. There are occasionally hail exceptions that you’ll have to look out for. As well, your insurance company may reject your claim if the roof leaked due to gross negligence on your part.

However, most policies will cover the cost of repairing your roof. If your roof has lasted longer than expected, you will most likely need to pay for the replacement yourself.

Need Emergency Tarping Services in the Jacksonville, FL Area?
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Emergency Tarping Services Ultimate Guide
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